Now Available! The Complete Home Makeover Guide Tailored Specifically for Those With ADHD.




simplify your life.


“I help women, moms, empty nesters, and those with ADHD organize and declutter to create simple and supportive homes.”

If you are seeking a Professional Organizer in Omaha or Lincoln NE, you have come to the right place.


I also now serve clients virtually everywhere!
Laura Coufal Professional organizer Omaha

Laura Coufal

B.A. Psychology, CE Coaching Consultant

Professional Organizer, Omaha & Lincoln, NE

The Simple Daisy



Behind all the clutter, is the home you have always dreamed of… 

Organized Living Room

Professional Organizer, Omaha & Lincoln NE Since 2013

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organize your home

Is your home filled to the brim with stuff, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Do you dream of a clean, organized space where you can relax and enjoy life without the constant chaos? It’s time to create space and a home you that love to spend time in.

create calm

declutter your mind

The clutter in our homes and in our minds is often bound together tightly like a knot, and one affects the other. We clear our minds when we clear our clutter. Your home should be a place of rest and peace, not of frustration.

live simply

Woman on beach.

simplify your life

When you simplify your home, you simplify your life. Keeping up at home becomes so much more achievable once you let go of the excess clutter and create simple and sustainable routines and systems.  This is one of the many reasons why less is often more.

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