in-person organizing

Work side by side or Don’t lift a finger

Do you have an organizing project and want hands-on help getting it done? If you are living near Omaha or Lincoln NE, we can work side by side and make rapid progress, or I can get the job done for you.

which option best fits your needs?


get it done now

 Have an organizing project that needs to get done yesterday but just too busy? Let me get the job done for you. We will work together for the first hour to develop a work plan and establish your specific preferences and goals for the project. Then I will complete the project on my own as long as you are accessible for questions as needed.

work side by side

Do you have an organizing project and want hands-on help getting it done? Are you experiencing a life transition? We will work side by side and make rapid progress. Just as an exercise partner motivates us to stick with our exercise plan, having someone in your corner to help you achieve your organizing goals can make a big difference in your journey. 

staging, unpacking, arranging

 There is no better time declutter and let go of all of that unwanted stuff in your home than before a move. I can also help you get situated in your new home by unpacking boxes and arranging and putting everything away. Take advantage of your move as an ideal time to get organized and stay that way.

family management

 I have raised three children and know how hard it can be to stay on top of managing a family with a busy schedule. There are many tricks and strategies for keeping family life simple and organized.  Schedule a 3-hour virtual or in person educational workshop to get ahead of the game and keep your family organized.

full home assessment

 Want to get your home organized yourself but not sure how to do it? Schedule a 3 hour home assessment, virtually or in-person.  With over 8 years of experience, I have worked in a multitude of homes.  Let me offer you step-by-step tips and suggestions for getting every room in your home organized.

paperwork & offices

Are you drowning in paperwork and need a system to keep you organized? Do you constantly have a pile of paperwork on the kitchen counter? Whether you are seeking a better way to handle general incoming paperwork, need to establish a family filing system, or just need to get your office organized, I can help.

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If you would like to learn more about in-person organizing, contact me to learn more.  

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