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Paperwork Flowchart PDF

The Simple Daisy Printable Paperwork Flowchart

Use this free flowchart to get started managing your paperwork and eliminate the piles for good!  For best results, read my post “HOW TO GET PAPERWORK TO STOP PILING UP” prior to using the flowchart.  The blog will walk you through how to sort your paperwork and how to set up and manage your paperwork containers.


Printable Paperwork Flowchart


One of the reasons that people struggle with paperwork piling up in the kitchen is that they have never taken the time to set up a family filing system in the first place.  So as paperwork comes into the home, there is no place for it to go.  You will need to have a family filing system in place in order to clean out your TO FILE bin monthly.

Though technology today has allowed us to go paper-free in many ways, there is still some paperwork that has to be filed. If you don’t have a family filing system, taking the time to create one will take some time to put together initially, but this time investment will serve your family for years to come and is well worth the effort. Once this is done, you will easily be able to clean out your TO FILE bin monthly, and paperwork will stop piling up everywhere. Get my free printable Family Filing System Outline to help guide you through this process by clicking below.

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