Who I am… 

I  am a West Coast girl turned small town, Midwest Mom. I am wife to Bruce and mom to my three girls. 

Back when I first started my organizing journey in 2013, I had what I thought of as a dirty little secret. I had ADHD and although I was organized, and very much enjoy the process of sorting, and tidying. I knew that there were many others with ADHD who really struggled with staying organized. I had a case of imposter syndrome and mostly kept the fact that I had ADHD to myself. That is until I learned that there are other successful professional organizers who have learned to compensate for their ADHD.

I eventually realized that my need for order and simplicity stems from having ADHD as a way to compensate for my short attention span. So my gifts and my challenges are all ironically tied together to create who I am, and I am able to help others as a result of this coping method that I have developed for myself. 

I am dedicated to keeping my life as simple as possible and to helping others do the same by decluttering their homes and simplifying their schedules. 

Laura Coufal

“Your home should be your sanctuary

not a place of frustration and chaos”