Printable Pantry Inventory

Use this handy Pantry Inventory checklist when you shop to ensure that you come home with everything you need and NOTHING THAT YOU DONT.  

To get more tips on how to keep your pantry organized, be sure to read my blog “HOW TO GET YOUR FAMILY TO KEEP YOUR PANTRY ORGANIZED“.  

This Pantry Inventory checklist is different from others you may have used in the past. It is more practical to use in several ways. First, it is extremely thorough, so you should find just about everything you would find in a pantry on this list. It is organized by food category and grocery store aisle configuration instead of alphabetically, which will speed up and simplify your shopping process. No more hunting for one item at a time! I have also included plenty of blank space for you to add other items to your list, so you won’t run out of room if you decide to add non-pantry items to the list.

 Hang this checklist inside your pantry door, and add items to the list when you notice that you are running low. Remember to grab your list before you head to the grocery store. It will make your shopping faster, easier, and smarter.

It will even save you money!



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