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“It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Laura Coufal from The Simple Daisy. I am a busy, working mom and organization is not easy for me. She came into my home and diligently worked to help get my entire home organized in a way that works for my family and me. She continues to come in monthly for upkeep and I look forward to her arrival every time. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional–so much so, that I entrusted her to help one of my dear friends move into her new home and continue to recommend her. Laura always does a phenomenal job. She has, without a doubt, improved the quality of my life.”

Organized Closet


“I was once a very organized person. After having kids, my time became devoted to them and not keeping my house organized. It didn’t take long for my small messes to become daunting projects that required more time than I had available. With Laura’s help, I am finally getting organized! In one morning or afternoon, she has been able to organize an area of my house, with input from me, leaving me with only minor “homework” that my busy schedule can handle. She has done the same thing with my kids and their rooms. They actually had fun organizing their rooms with her instead of struggling with me to do it. She also left us with tips on how to stay organized and so far we have! Not only do we feel more at peace in our home, but we also feel as if we have more room.”

Organized Pantry Omaha


“Laura organized my kitchen pantry and my bathroom and I love the results. Now I can find things when I need them. I am very happy with the job she did and will definitely call her in the future for other organizing projects.”

Organized Pantry Omaha


“When I hired Laura, I didn’t have huge expectations. I just needed help sorting through 26 years of saved stuff so that we can move out of town. Three Salvation Army truck donations later, I can see the walls and floor of my storage room again. Laura taught me how to let things go, as well as how to organize the saved stuff on shelves. Laura works very fast so she doesn’t waste her time with you. She’s very professional and knowledgeable. She’s also an extremely nice person who I look forward to working with every week. The daunting task that I procrastinated about for years turned out to actually be fun with Laura.”

Organized Storage Room Omaha
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“Laura has been a “”lifesaver”” to me! In preparation for moving half way across the country, I was faced with not only wanting to seriously downsize and simplify my own life, but also to sort through the lifetime accumulations of my mother, her three sisters, and a good friend whose “treasures” had come to reside with me over the last few years. With Laura’s help I was easily able to determine what truly had meaning for me and what I could happily pass on to someone else to enjoy! Thank you, Laura, for helping me to “”lighten the load””!”

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“I recently moved to Omaha and faced a mountain of boxes requiring unpacking. Adding to the mess, was the fact that I had never really unpacked after my previous move. I was determined to settle into my new home. Laura to the rescue! Not only am I 100% unpacked but everything is neatly organized. Laura worked with my preferences, seeing storage options that I did not see as well as clearly defining each storage option. I highly recommend Laura!”

Organized Master Closet Omaha


“I originally hired Laura about two years ago. Sadly, I was a new widow who had recently moved back to Omaha from California. I had a beautiful new home that was in complete disarray from two moves in less than 6 months. Laura showed up with all the needed materials – tape, box cutters, labels, trash bags, etc. She got right to work once we determined priorities. I’ve asked her to return several times. She cut through all the clutter in closets, bathroom, pantry, office, garage. She even will drop off donations on her way home and also has resources for other discards. She’s a calm, nonjudgmental presence and just nice to have around. I foresee having her continue to help with maintenance at least once a month.”

Organized Pantry Omaha


“We downsized Mom’s very crowded big house to a small 1 bedroom apartment. On day 2, we were overwhelmed and realized we needed help. We called Laura and she was there the next day. For the next week, she helped us prioritize and kept us focused. She worked side by side with us packing boxes and was really fast. She also helped us through several stressful situations that occur at times like this. We had 10 days to get the job done, and there is no way it could have happened without Laura. She was worth every penny. We would highly recommend her for any move related project.”

Oranized Closet

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