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The Simple Daisy Organizing

always have something beatiful in your space…

…but let it be as simple as a daisy in a  vase.

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Laura Coufal

Laura Coufal, Home Organizing & Decluttering Consultant, B.A. Psychology

Overwhemed with clutter?

Too busy to get organized?

Wish life could be simpler?


then you have come

to the right place.


declutter your mind

The clutter in our homes and in our minds are often bound together tightly like a knot, and one affects the other.  Taking a holistic approach to organizing means considering how our emotional health, our habits and the relationship we have with our things, might contribute to our clutter.


organize your home

By creating space and order within your home, you enable energy to flow through it and it feels more peaceful and welcoming. Having a permanent home for every single thing you own, saves you time, money and energy because you can find what you need, when you need it.


simplify your life

Simplicity is a word that sings to our hearts today because it suggests rest, quiet and spaciousness.  By learning to simplify schedules, streamline tasks, and create helpful routines, we can make life simpler for ourselves and also manage our families more peacefully.

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Laura Coufal

I am Laura

With a B. A. in Psychology. I have several years of work experience with families and seniors and can support you in reaching your goals.  I also have additional coarse work in interior design. If your goal is to acquire more organizing skills by working side by side with me, I have 9 years of organizing experience to share with you. But if your desire is for me to transform your space without lifting a finger, I can do that too.  

It is my deepest hope that you will find resources here that will bring you closer to living a simpler, more intentional, and more peaceful life.