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“I help women, moms, empty nesters, and those with ADHD organize and declutter to create simple and supportive homes.”

A Simple Daisy

Behind all the clutter, is the home you have always dreamed of… 


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Is your home filled to the brim with stuff, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Do you dream of a clean, organized space where you can relax and enjoy life without the constant chaos? It’s time to create space and a home you that love to spend time in.

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declutter your mind

The clutter in our homes and in our minds is often bound together tightly like a knot, and one affects the other. We clear our minds when we clear our clutter. Your home should be a place of rest and peace, not of frustration.

live simply

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simplify your life

When you simplify your home, you simplify your life. Keeping up at home becomes so much more achievable once you let go of the excess clutter and create simple and sustainable routines and systems.  This is one of the many reasons why less is often more.



{It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Laura Coufal from The simple Daisy. I am a busy, working mom and organization is not easy for me. She came into my home and diligently worked to help get my entire home organized in a way that works for my family and me. She continues to come in monthly for upkeep and I look forward to her arrival every time. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional–so much so, that I entrusted her to help one of my dear friends move into her new home and continue to recommend her. Laura always does a phenomenal job. She has, without a doubt, improved the quality of my life.
Jen - Omaha
{When I hired Laura, I didn’t have huge expectations. I just needed help sorting through 26 years of saved stuff so that we can move out of town. Three Salvation Army truck donations later, I can see the walls and floor of my storage room again. Laura taught me how to let things go, as well as how to organize the saved stuff on shelves. Laura works very fast so she doesn’t waste her time with you. She’s very professional and knowledgeable. She’s also an extremely nice person who I look forward to working with every week. The daunting task that I procrastinated about for years turned out to actually be fun with Laura.
Judy -Omaha
{I recently hired Laura to help my mom downsize for her move into an assisted living facility. Going from a spacious 2-bedroom apartment to a very small one-bedroom apartment required some letting go and Laura was right there every step of the way helping mom make those tough choices. She is very punctual, friendly, & compassionate. She really made mom’s transition as smooth and painless as possible. I highly recommend Laura!
Jim -Omaha

Professional Organizer, Omaha, & Lincoln, NE & Greater Area Since 2013

Laura Coufal

Laura Coufal

Professional Organizer, Coach & Consultant,

B.A. Psychology, CE

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The Simple Daisy

I am Laura…

 I live with my husband and two quirky pups Ollie and Gracie.  I have 3 young adult daughters, and am a lover of the outdoors and a wannabe gardener. I am dedicated to keeping my life as simple as possible and to helping others do the same.

If your home makes you feel anxious and frustrated, I can help. I have a lot of energy and love to see a space go from a cluttered mess to organized, functional, and supportive.

Believe it or not, my need for order and simplicity stems from having ADHD, so my gifts and my challenges are all tied together to create who I am. As a result, I am in a unique position to relate to and help others with ADHD stay organized.

Whether you are an empty nester like me, ready to simplify your life and home, or you need help with unpacking after a move, I can help. If you are a busy mom and need me to jump in from time to time and organize the spaces that have gotten out of control, I LOVE to do that as well!

I have been organizing homes since 2013. If you have goals for your home, we can get there together. Let me help you create a space that better reflects who you want to be.

It is my deepest hope that you will find resources here that will bring you closer to living a simpler, more intentional, and more peaceful life. 


The Simple Daisy Organizing

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Schedule a coaching call, virtual organizing session, or a home assessment with me, and get the support and encouragement you need to move forward.

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“It is in our very essence to live simply and intentionally, and to leave enough space in our days to follow our soul’s true purpose.”

~Naomi Levi

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