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How to Hygge at Home: With 25 Examples of Hygge

How to Hygge at Home With 25 Examples of Hygge to Get You Started.


Once the chill of Fall begins to set in, it is the perfect time to wrap up in a cozy blanket, grab a good book, and sip a cup of hot cocoa.  Read on to learn why practicing Hygge is good for the soul. You’ll also find a list of 25 examples of Hygge to get you started.

What is The Danish Art of Hygge Anyway?

Hygge, pronounced “hyooguh”, is defined as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that promotes a feeling of contentment or well-being”. Originating in Denmark, Hygge is regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture.

Hygge is not necessarily done as a self-indulgence per se, but with an appreciation for each step of a self-nurturing activity. It is taking the time for appreciating, slowing down, and paying attention. It’s relishing the simple pleasure of doing something for no other reason than to enjoy every moment of it.

The trees are starting the lose their leaves, and crisp, chilly nights are upon us. It is in the Fall, that we start to crave a bowl of homemade soup and a fire in the fireplace. It is the perfect time to make our inside world cozy and to slow down and pay attention enough to enjoy it. There is abundant comfort and joy being offered to us by simply being at home.

Reasons to Practice Hygge and Home Coziness

Many of us are so busy on any given day, that the idea of slowing down and engaging in a bit of Hygge, is unrealistic and out of reach. There are dishes to be washed, kids’ basketball games to attend, and laundry piled to the ceiling.

For many of us, our worlds spin so fast, that we don’t even know how to slow down, let alone relish the simple comforts of home life. But, in addition to being essentially cost-free, there are several other benefits to taking the time to practice Hygge and home coziness.

Use The Examples of Hygge Below to  Practice Living in The Present

By being intentional, and savoring each step of an activity, we engage in the spirit of Hygge. We do this instead of performing these tasks blindly. And the more we practice staying present, the better we get at cultivating mindfulness. As a bonus, we infuse gratitude and presence into the everyday activities we do at home.  So we reap the benefits of enjoying all the simple pleasures that being at home has to offer.

Hygge and Home

Practicing Hygge and Home Coziness Helps Us Slow Down

By enjoying the present moment when we are practicing Hygge at home, we also slow down and relax. We take our focus off of worrying or what we need to do next. Our thoughts are quieted and we are not missing out on what is going on right now.

This is a good thing.


Hygge and Home Coziness are Best Supported in an Organized, Decluttered Space

Keep in mind that the experience of practicing Hygge at home can be enhanced by taking steps to ensure that the space in which you are performing your activity, supports you. A clean and orderly kitchen or an organized and functional garden shed offers a more pleasurable experience than a cluttered area will.

Not only will you have an inviting space to perform your activity in, but you will have ample space to work in. You will also have everything you need at your fingertips without having to search for anything. A home that is Clutter-free feels more peaceful and welcoming than a disheveled one. 

Hygge at home

Examples of Hygge To Practice This Fall

If you like to cook, make a pot of your favorite homemade soup.  Maybe even bake a loaf of bread to go with it. Give yourself and your family a little comfort food.  As you chop the vegetables, do it thoughtfully and enjoy each step of the process.  Don’t let your mind wander elsewhere to anxieties about tomorrow or ruminations about yesterday. Stay present, don’t hurry, and don’t worry, instead, appreciate each step. Let the aroma of the soup permeate your home and savor its delicious fragrance.

Other examples of Hygge might be; taking a walk in nature, relishing in a long, hot bath, or perhaps doing some gardening. It can be as simple as making a pot of your favorite herbal tea and relishing every step of the process. It’s whatever delights or comforts you. To help you explore ideas for practicing Hygge this Fall, I have created a list of 25 things you can do:


25 Examples of Hygge that you can practice this Fall:


1.  Make and sip a cup of hot tea.

2.  Light a candle or diffuser.

3.  Turn on the fireplace or start a fire.

4,  Make a pot of your favorite homemade soup;

5.  Bake something like cookies or bread.

6.  Enjoy a hot bath.

7.  Pamper yourself with a home spa.

8.  Curl up with a blanket and a good book.

9.  Find a cozy Fall scene for your television screen with the sounds of nature… fire crackling, etc. Have it on in the background while you are doing something cozy.

10.  Spend time journaling or drawing. 

11.  Make a cup of hot cocoa.

12.  Put on some relaxing music. 

13.  Make some homemade spiced apple cider.

14.  Go for a slow, intentional walk in nature.

15.  Work on a craft project.

16.  Burn some incense. 

17.  Perform a simple task mindfully, paying attention to each step.

18.  Cook up your favorite comfort food.

19.  Slip on some warm slippers and PJs and wear them all day.

20.  Pick or purchase a simple bouquet.

21.  Open your windows.

22.  Rewatch a favorite movie.

23.  Work on a puzzle.

24.  Do some decorating for the nearest upcoming holiday.

25.  Curl up with your pet (or sweetie) and take an afternoon nap.  

What you are doing is not as important as how you are doing it. Stay focused and present while performing the activity.  If your mind wants to wander, gently return to the present moment. The key is to perform these activities with a new perspective and appreciation for the enjoyment of doing them.

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