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6 Tips To Avoid Craft Room Clutter

Jan 29

Multiple unfinished projects and the supplies needed for proposed craft projects can create craft room clutter to the point that it is impossible to work in that space. The following is a list of tips to help you keep your craft room organized and avoid getting physically and mentally buried in your craft projects.

To Avoid Clutter In Your Craft Room, Work on One Project at a Time

You have a quilt that was started a year ago, a half-made scrapbook for a friend, and then there is that dress you were going to make that you bought all the supplies for. Does this sound like you? It is tempting to start a new project when the one you are working on gets challenging or boring. But if you force yourself to finish one project before starting the next, you will avoid the mental clutter of having too many projects floating around in your head. Having too many craft projects going at one time can also compound your craft room clutter.

Evaluate How Much Time You Have Before You Commit

Creative individuals often have inspiring ideas, but these ideas require a certain amount of time and energy to become a finished product. You may need to pace yourself to avoid getting too far behind on projects if you have a busy schedule. Having too many projects going at one time and not being able to make progress on them can be frustrating and discouraging.

Decide if Your Current Craft Projects are Really Worth Finishing

If you already have too many unfinished projects going at one time, consider each project and ask yourself these questions: Why have you not finished it? Is it solely due to lack of time? Are you looking forward to the next time you will have a day off so that you can work on it? Would you prefer to do something else? Did you put it down because you got bored with it? Are you still excited about it or has it lost its appeal? Are you only finishing it out of guilt because you spent money on the supplies? These questions should help you decide which craft projects are worth finishing and which ones to give up on.

Give Yourself Permission to Let Go of Unworthy Craft Projects

So what if a project that you were once excited about has lost it’s spark? You were inspired at one time to do it but where did that inspiration go? You feel bad because you have already invested money and time into it. But it does not make sense to spend precious time and energy working on a project that no longer inspires you? Unfinished projects do more harm than just clutter up a room, they make you feel heavy. Life is too short to live with these burdens, and crafting is supposed to be fun. It is okay to let a project go, guilt-free.

Finish Lingering Craft Projects Now Rather Than Later

If you have craft projects that you really do want to complete, commit to getting them done now instead of letting them linger. Schedule time on your calendar to work on the project and stick to the plan. Don’t let another activity take its place at the last minute. Also, remind yourself that you deserve to have some time for yourself to do the things that you enjoy. We all need a bit of leisure time to do what we love. Too often we are guilted into replacing enjoyable activities with work instead.

Resist Buying Craft Supplies Before Your Ready To Start

I frequently come across multitudes of craft supplies that were purchased for proposed projects that never materialized. Because we are inspired by our new ideas, and shopping is so enjoyable, it can be challenging to resist shopping before we are ready to start. By being mindful and resisting these urges, you will avoid craft room clutter and save money. Also, once you spend money on craft supplies, you lock yourself feeling pressured to complete the project. By holding off on shopping, you can avoid feeling guilty if you change your mind. As an alternative to shopping, try writing down your ideas in a craft project notebook so that you don’t forget them. Then you can shop when you are ready to start the project.

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